The Division of the Globe into Three Sound Film Patent Zones

Outcome of Paris: Accord signed

The Division of the Globe into Three Sound Film Patent Zones

Total Interchangeability—Globe Divided into Three Patent Zones—Patent Exchange

Film-Kurier, No. 171, 7/22/1930

P. M. Paris, July 22.
After word of approval was received from New York yesterday, the memorandum of the Paris Patent Conference was signed in the afternoon. The memorandum established the interchangeability of all sound film throughout the world.
The memorandum was signed by Mr. Otterson, Mr. Roß, Mr. Graham, Dr. Meyer, Dr. Lüschen, and Mr. Diamond.
An official communiqué has been issued about the memorandum, which shall be printed in full tomorrow. At press time, our correspondent has given us the salient points over the telephone:
1. Open market for all films throughout the entire world.
2. Every film is in principle allowed to run on the equipment of any system.
3. In the interest of the highest possible technical quality of production, R.C.A., Western, and Tobis-Klangfilm will exchange sound-film patents.
4. The globe will be divided as follows: Tobis-Klangfilm has the exclusive rights to provide equipment for:
Germany, Danzig, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, the Dutch Indies, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Finland.
The Americans have the exclusive rights for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Russia.
All other countries, among them Italy, France, and England, are open to both parties.
The licensing fees shall be regulated so that payments shall be made to the respective patent holder in the restricted areas. Special regulations will be in force in the open countries.

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