Lulu & Jimi

Lulu & Jimi

Deutschland / Frankreich 2007-2009, Spielfilm


It′s the rock ′n′ roll era in Germany – the lust for life and rebellion are in the air. Lulu, the daughter of a bankrupt factory owner, falls in love with the handsome but penniless black man Jimi. The inhabitants of the conservative small town are horrified, and especially Lulu′s mother tries to stir up the prejudices in her friends to fight against this unwanted love affair. She orders her chauffeur Schultz and her doctor von Oppeln to do everything they can to spoil the lovers′ happiness. But Lulu and Jimi won′t let anybody or anything get in their way! They live and love on the run, always one step ahead of their pursuers. Until they fall into a trap …

Oskar Roehler on his latest film, which celebrated its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival: "Lulu & Jimi is a love story and gangster story. A love story pulsing with a huge amount of energy, where there are no limits – the first really big love, with all the pain and overwhelming feelings of happiness, but also with the anxieties. That′s adventure, that′s freedom. These are terms that nowadays you only hear in advertising, but actually they should have a place in the cinema. I′ve been longing for this fairytale-like, enchanted world, where everything is possible and people are innocent, where there′s good and evil, where there are dangers and crime, and death lies in wait around the corner. That′s cinema for me. I love melodrama, I like love stories."

Source: 59. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)


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All Credits

Director:Oskar Roehler
Assistant director:Christian Hoyer
Script supervisor:Anne Lensing
Screenplay:Oskar Roehler
Translation:Ani de la Jara
Director of photography:Wedigo von Schultzendorff
2nd Camera unit:Nicolay Gutscher
Steadycam operator:Robert Patzelt, Alex Traumann, Thomas Korda
Optical effects:Niklas Voigt
Still photography:Joseph Wolfsberg
Lighting design:Thomas Schulz
Set design:Eduard Krajewski (Szenenbild), Gernot Thöndel (Set Decorator), Julika Kanitz (Szenenbild - Assistenz)
Property master:Georg Kuhn, Marillo Ricken
Stand-by props:Thomas Frankenberg
Construction manager:Klaus Bienen
Make-up artist:Delia Mündelein, Jana Schulze, Horst Allert
Costume design:Esther Walz
Editing:Bettina Böhler
Sound editor:Alexander Buck, Kuen-Il Song
Sound:Axel Arft
Sound assistant:Björn Marsen
Foley artist:Joern Poetzl
Special effects:Volker Lorig
Casting:Nina Haun, Juliette Ménager
Music:Martin Todsharow
Jennifer DeckerLulu
Ray FearonJimi
Katrin SassLulus Mutter Gertrud
Rolf ZacherLulus Vater Daddy Cool
Udo KierChauffeur Schultz
Hans-Michael RehbergHerr von Oppeln
Bastian PastewkaErnst
Ulrich ThomsenHarry Hass
Simon BoerLulus Bruder Richard
Lavinia WilsonAnne
Catherine FlemmingJosephine
Alexander BeyerPeter Walz
Janin ReinhardtTina
Aaron HildebrandRockabilly
Simon LichtVeranstalter
Anna BrüggemannLisa
Torben LiebrechtDieter
Mia Florentine WeissClaudia Walz
Aurel MantheiHeiner
Axel Werner
Andreas Schreitmüller
Production company:sperl + schott filmproduktion GmbH (München), X Filme Creative Pool GmbH (Berlin)
in co-production with:EMC Produktion (Berlin), Elzévir Films (Paris)
in association with:Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) (Hamburg), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) (München), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (Köln), Arte Deutschland TV GmbH (Baden-Baden), Arte France (Issy Les Moulineaux)
Producer:Dr. Gabriela Sperl, Stefan Arndt, Uwe Schott
Co-Producer:Stefan Arndt, Denis Booth, Oskar Roehler, Christian Pape, Marc Rothemund
Producer (TV):Doris J. Heinze (Norddeutscher Rundfunk [NDR]), Daniela Mussgiller (Norddeutscher Rundfunk [NDR]), Bettina Reitz (BR), Bettina Ricklefs (BR), Wolf-Dietrich Brücker (WDR), Gebhard Henke (WDR), Wolf-Dietrich Brücker (WDR), Andreas Schreitmüller (Arte), Patricia Seutin-Bardou (Arte)
Associate producer:Norbert Preuss
Unit production manager:Marc Grewe
Shoot:16.07.2007-13.09.2007: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Thüringen
Original distributor:X Verleih AG (Berlin)
Funding:Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW (Düsseldorf), Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH (MDM) (Leipzig), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (MBB) (Potsdam), Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (FFHSH) (Hamburg), Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) (Berlin), Deutscher Filmförderfonds (DFFF) (Berlin)
Length:94 min
Format:35mm, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SR
Screening:Uraufführung (US): 01.2009, Park City, Sundance Film Festival;
Kinostart (DE): 22.01.2009;
Erstaufführung (DE): 02.2009, Berlin, IFF - German Cinema


Originaltitel (DE) Lulu & Jimi
Schreibvariante (DE) Lulu und Jimi



Length:94 min
Format:35mm, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SR
Screening:Uraufführung (US): 01.2009, Park City, Sundance Film Festival;
Kinostart (DE): 22.01.2009;
Erstaufführung (DE): 02.2009, Berlin, IFF - German Cinema