Deutschland 1994/1995, Spielfilm



A successful author of children′s books falls in love with a woman whose very special relationship to her father ends in a horrible nightmare dramatically changing the lives of all persons involved. Leon, an author of children′s books, and his eleven-year old daughter Tanja come to Denmark for their holidays.

Here, Leon hopes to forget the trauma haunting him since his wife died in a car accident two years ago and keeping him from writing. But the new surrounding does not free him from his burden - until he makes the acquaintance of Roula, a young woman who runs the vacation house rental agency. Leon is captured not so much by her physical attraction, but by the secret that seems to cast a shadow over her life - and by the scars that they share. Roula lives alone with her father in an isolated house. When Leon understands the true character of their relationship, it is already too late - he can no longer stop the avalanche of events triggered off by him. The seemingly intact and harmonious world breaks apart in as much a consistent as cruel manner, leaving the protagonists to pay a high price for their newly achieved freedom.

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All Credits

Director:Martin Enlen
Assistant director:Werner Siebert
Script supervisor:Petra Mantoudis
Screenplay:Martin Enlen
Co-author:Bernd Mollenhauer
Story:Martin Enlen
Director of photography:Martin Langer
Assistant camera:Gerhard Lintner, Britta Mangold
Clapper loader:Wolfgang Niklis
Steadycam operator:Klaus Krieger, Mike Ole Nielson
Optical effects:Christian Burgdorff, Harald Lehmann
Still photography:Ronald Siemoneit
Lighting design:Christian Saalfeld
Key grip:Wolfgang Rühl
Set design:Su Proebster
Property master:Siegfried Hetzke, Johannes Wild
Stand-by props:Kathrin Geller
Construction manager:Lau H. Andersen, Joachim Weisser, Michael Klein (Technische Bauten)
Title:Peter Rosenwanger
Make-up artist:Nanny Kloss, Tatjana Luckdorf, Silke Hansmann
Special make-up effects:Birger Laube
Costume design:Maria Dimler
Costumes:Sonja Kappl, Birgit Reimann
Editing:Mona Bräuer
Assistant editor:Andreas Herder, Claudia Gehring
Negative cutter:Christine Garmeier
Sound:Wolfgang Wirtz
Sound assistant:Carlo Thoss, Maj-Linn Preiss
Sound mixer:Benedikt Just, Andreas Musolff, Andreas Biegler
Foley artist:Joern Poetzl
Audio mixing:Hubert Bartholomae
Special effects:Peter Rotter, Jens Döldissen
Music:Dieter Schleip
Arrangement:Gerhard Auer (Orchestrierung)
Conductor:Raúl Alvarellos
Anica DobraRoula
Felicitas Grimm-LuckeJunge Roula
Martin UmbachLeon
Ernst JacobiVater
Tina HamperlTanja
Irene HagensbyLisa
Rosa GreveNicole
Birgit Thøt JensenAnette
Julia BurgerSonja
Ingeborg NeesRoulas Mutter
Gerhard NörrPfarrer
Jan Jensen1. Bauarbeiter
Tom Schmidt2. Bauarbeiter
Production company:Roxy Film GmbH & Co. KG (München), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (Köln), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) (München), Made in Munich Filmproduktion GmbH (MIM) (Grünwald), Südwestfunk (SWF) (Baden-Baden)
Production (other):AM Produktion (Produktions-Organisation), TV Aalborg (Dänemark) (Produktions-Organisation)
Producer:Mark von Seydlitz
Co-Producer:Luggi Waldleitner
Producer (TV):Gebhard Henke, Hubert von Spreti, Christian Granderath
Line producer:Mark von Seydlitz
Unit production manager:Anja Schmidt-Zäringer
Location manager:Andi Niessner, Kai Pätzold, Sonja Sanguinette
Production assistant:Silke Steller, Sophie von Passavant
Location manager (other):Tom Schmidt (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Irene Hagensby (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Erik Egebak (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Helle Valk (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Anne Olsen (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Jan Jensen (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Claus Ronnex (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark)), Michael Krause (Produktionshilfe (Dänemark))
Shoot:08.1994-09.1994: Blokhus, Lonstrup, Hirtshals, Lokken, Hjorring (Dänemark)
Distributor:Zorro Filmverleih GmbH (München-Geiselgasteig)
Funding:Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film (Wiesbaden), Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW (Düsseldorf) (Vertriebsförderung), Bayerische Film- und Fernsehförderung (LfA) (München) (Vertriebsförderung)
Length:2726 m, 100 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 13.06.1995, 73339, ab 16 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE): 10.11.1997, Süd 3


Originaltitel (DE) Roula
Verleihtitel Roula. Dunkle Geheimnisse



Length:2726 m, 100 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 13.06.1995, 73339, ab 16 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE): 10.11.1997, Süd 3