Stille Nacht

Stille Nacht

Deutschland / Schweiz 1995/1996, Spielfilm


Silent Night

Dusk is falling. It is the beginning of Christmas Eve. Julia, an art student in her late twenties, is at home by herself. She has been living together with the policeman Christian for several years. However, their relationship seems to be under threat after Julia fell in love with Frank, an attractive barman. Christian, who finds it difficult to put up with this situation, escapes for the holiday period to his parents. Julia, by herself for the first time, decides that she will end her affair with Frank this evening. Frank, on the other hand, considers Christmas Eve a good time to finally confess his love to Julia.

It is against this background that Christian starts a macabre game in a night that will plumb the blackest depths of the human soul. To put Julia under emotional pressure, he feigns a bad car accident on the phone. Frank exposes his lie. Hurt to the quick, Julia does an about-turn. She wants to take revenge on Christian. While talking on the phone with him, she makes love to Frank. The three protagonists fight within their own private microcosm for pleasure and life and, over the course of one night, undertake an erotic adventure far beyond the pain threshold.

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All Credits

Director:Dani Levy
Assistant director:Arndt Wiegering, Elke Weber-Moore
Script supervisor:Nancy Rivas
Screenplay:Maria Schrader, Klaus Chatten
Co-author:Dani Levy, Maria Schrader
Director of photography:Carl-F. Koschnick
Assistant camera:Sönke Hansen, Dierk Fechner
Clapper loader:Eeva Fleig
2nd Camera unit:Frank Griebe, Jan Hartmann (Assistenz)
Steadycam operator:Michael Bartlett, Axel Fischer (Assistenz)
Still photography:Axel Fischer
Lighting design:Ali Olcay Gözkaya
Camera (other):Christine Fenzl (Video)
Set design:Monika Bauert
Property master:Siegfried Dehmel
Stand-by props:Henrik Gross, Ingo Dathe (Assistenz)
Construction manager:Michael Müller
Make-up artist:Sabine Lidl
Costume design:Ingrid Bendzuk
Costumes:Constanze Donath
Editing:Dani Levy
Assistant editor:Ingeborg Suhr, Anne Klintschok, Antje Zynga, Kirsten Lenk
Video editing:Götz Filenius (AVID-Technik)
Sound editor:Dominik Bollen (Dialoge)
Foley editor:Oswald Schwander
Sound design:Michael Bard
Sound:Raoul Grass
Sound assistant:Frank Tenge
Foley artist:Hugo Gries, Wolfgang Staab (Geräusch-Aufnahme), Matt Meyer (Geräusch-Überwachung)
Audio mixing:Martin Steyer
Music:Niki Reiser
Maria SchraderJulia
Jürgen VogelFrank
Mark SchlichterChristian
Ingrid CavenSängerin
Maurice LamyPage
Adisat SemenitschKatja
Jenny LauMädchen mit Trompete
Ubi Ferguson2. Page
Alexander AlexandrowOrchestermusiker
Stoyan MaltschewOrchestermusiker
Dimiter KovatschefOrchestermusiker
Gerd WamelingGast
Katharina ThalbachGast
Inga BuschGast
Nina FranoszekFernsehansagerin
Production company:X Filme Creative Pool GmbH (Berlin), Fool Film (Berlin), Fama-Film AG (Bern)
in co-production with:Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (Köln), Arte G.E.I.E. (Straßburg), Schweizer Fernsehen für die deutsche und rätoromanische Schweiz (SF DRS) (Zürich), Teleclub AG (Zürich)
Producer:Stefan Arndt, Dani Levy, Rolf Schmid
Producer (TV):Gebhard Henke, Andreas Schreitmüller, Martin Schmassmann
Line producer:Marianne Slot Nielsen (Paris)
Unit production manager:Jens Meyer
Location manager:Robert Geisler
Production assistant:Wonying Hsü, Lara Aref-Omar
Production coordinator:Jens-Peter Johannsen
Post-production:Maria Knöpf (Post-Production-Überwachung)
Production manager:Doris Krüger
Shoot:27.01.1995-10.03.1995: Paris, Berlin
Original distributor:Buena Vista International (Germany) GmbH (München)
Funding:Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam
Length:2383 m, 87 min
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 23.02.1996, 74797, ab 16 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE FR): 28.04.1997, Arte


Originaltitel (DE CH) Stille Nacht



Length:2383 m, 87 min
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 23.02.1996, 74797, ab 16 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE FR): 28.04.1997, Arte



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