Management and Staff

Ellen Harrington, Director of Deutsches Filminstitut
(verantwortlich gemäß § 55 Abs. 2 RStV)

David Kleingers, Senior Editor

Editorial staff text / photo
Patrick Seyboth (coordination editing)
Olivia Just (editor)
Jürgen Kindlmann (editor service and specials)
Kai Mihm (freelance author)
Jan Philipp Richter (editor) 

Filmographic Data
Bianca Sedmak (coordination filmographic data)
Tommy Ploog 

System administration
Torsten Blossei

Detlev Balzer (concept and programming)

Internet services 
Bright Solutions GmbH


We thank our former colleagues for their major contribution to the setting up of

Laura Bezerra (coordination editing, Frankfurt)
Selamawit Andemariam (text editing) 
Olaf Brill (Freelance Author)
Jan Distelmeyer (text editing) 
Melanie Eichler (databank)  
Felix Fischl (public relations)   
Katharina Gewehr (databank)
Kathrin Grün (public relations, events)
Thomas Hammerschmidt (text editing)
Jim Heller (project manager)
Dr. Ursula Kähler (public relations)
Jürgen Keiper (project manager)
Nathalie Kiehl (databank)
Veronika Kowalski (databank)
Natalie Lettenewitsch (text editing)
André Mieles (picture editing)
Theo Ohnsorge (databank)
Bernd Perplies (text editing)
Lena Pezzarossa (assistant of project manager)
Manuel Pfeifer (coordination filmographic data)
Sigrid Scherer (public relations)
Ingrun Spazier (databank)
Julia Welter (text editing)
Lea Wohl (text editing)

In respectful memory of our colleague and friend Rüdiger Koschnitzki (1944 –2012), whose long and profound work on the German Filmography laid the foundation for