Christian Bauer

Christian Bauer

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent, Produktionsleitung
*1947 Wartaweil; †27.07.2009


Christian Bauer studied German and English Literature, American Affairs and History. He lectured at the University of Munich and wrote film reviews for major German newspapers. An independent filmmaker and producer since 1980, he has directed more than fifty documentaries. In 1993, he was awarded the Adolf Grimme Award for his film on the last days of an American army garrison in Bavaria, "Farewell Bavaria" (1992). His other films include: "Farewell Celluloid" (TV, 1983), "Déjà Vu" (TV, 1984), "Night Without Morning" (TV, 1985), "As Simple As That" (TV, 1986), "Behind the Black Mirror" (TV, 1987), "Phoenix Rising: The History of the German Film Industry After WWII" (TV, 1988), "The Jungle - Upton Sinclair and the Chicago Stockyards" (TV, 1990), "Vilnius" (TV, 1991), "Capone" (1992), "Along the Amber Coast" (TV, 1993), "Places in History: Hollywood" (TV, 1994), "Last Take "45" (TV, 1995), "Ol" Man River: A Trip Down the Mississippi" (TV, 1996), "A Brief History of Synchronicities" (TV, 1997), "The True Kir Royal"(TV, 1999), "Missing Allen" (2001), "The 53-Foot Woman" (2004), "The Ritchie Boys" (2004) which has been short-listed for the Grierson Award 2004 and for an Academy Award 2005.

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2009 Anklage Mord: Ein Freund vor Gericht
Screenplay, Producer
2008 Liebesgrüße nach Moskau
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2004 The Ritchie Boys
Director, Story, Producer
2002 Stories & Cities
2000/2001 Missing Allen
Participation, Voice, Director, Screenplay, Commentary, Producer
1995 Schlußklappe '45. Szenen aus dem deutschen Film
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1994 Schauplatz der Geschichte: Hollywood
1989 Chicago - A City Second To None. Chicago - Schauplatz der Geschichte
Director, Producer
1988 Phönix aus der Asche. Hans Abich und die Filmaufbau Göttingen
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1986/1987 Villa Air Bel. Varian Fry in Marseille 1940/41
Unit production manager
1985 Humor ist eine ernste Sache. Der Filmregisseur Kurt Hoffmann
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1984 Déjà Vu - oder Die gebändigte Geliebte
1983 Abschied vom Zelluloid
Director, Producer