Florian Eichinger

Florian Eichinger

Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*14.07.1971 Ludwigsburg


Florian Eichinger was born in Ludwigsburg in 1971. He relocated to Hamburg, where he worked as editor and also completed his first film and video works. He interned in publishing, worked as a TV producer and took a seven-month course in directing and screenwriting. In 2003, his short "Der letzte Geselle" won the Murnau Short Film Award. The same year, he directed the video for Udo Lindenbergs"s single "Ich schwöre".

He also completed numerous commercials, for instance for Wii Mario Kart, and with his earnings single-handedly financed his feature film debut "Bergfest". In the lead role, Eichinger cast Martin Schleiß, with whom he used to part-time in a video store in Hamburg. "Bergfest" premiered at the 2008 Cairo Film Fesival and went on to win the Special Prize of the Jury at the Houston Independent Film Festival, followed by a cinema release in the summer of 2010.

Eichinger's second feature film premiered at the 2013 Max-Ophüls-Preis-Festival: "Nordstrand" is the story of two brothers, who meet again after years of separation and who have to confront the memories of their traumatic childhood. After several festival screenings, the film was theatrically released in January 2014.

Eichinger premiered his third feature "Die Hände meiner Mutter" at the 2016 Munich Film Festival, where it won awards for direction and acting. Following "Bergfest" (2008) and "Nordstrand" (2013), the film about a family father who suddenly relaizes that he was molested by his mother as child completes Eichinger's trilogy on domestic violence.


2015/2016 Die Hände meiner Mutter
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2012/2013 Nordstrand
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2008 Bergfest
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2003 Der letzte Gesell
Director, Screenplay, Producer


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