Frank Otto

Frank Otto

Regie, Drehbuch, Musik, Produzent, Produktionsleitung
*1957 Hamburg


Frank Otto, born 1957 in Hamburg as the son of Werner Otto, the founder of "Otto-Versand", took a restorer"s training after finishing school and studied painting at Kiel"s art school afterwards. At the beginning of the 1980s he and Bernt Köhler-Adams were among the founding members of the rock band "Goya". In 1987, Otto founded "OK-Radio", a radio station in Hamburg, that soon reached a legendary status thanks to its idiosyncratic program. Furthermore, Otto was among the founding members of "Hamburg 1", the first commercial local TV station in Hamburg, and of "Viva TV", that went on air in 1993. Until today, Otto has stakes in radio stations "Delta Radio", "Kiss FM Berlin", "Energy Sachsen" and "Oldie 95".

From 1999 to 2003 Otto, an experienced multi media adept, was the publisher of "Hamburger Morgenpost" and succeeded in reorganising the insolvent newspaper. At the same time, Otto founded several music labels like "safety records" or "unit undercover". In 2005, Frank Otto made his movie debut as the co-director of the experimental music film "TRIP – Remix Your Experience" and founded "Ferryhouse Productions", a production and marketing company for multi media projects, together with his friend Bernt Köhler-Adams.


2011 Vom Kiez zum Kap
2009-2011 Der böse Onkel
Unit production manager
2008 Sankt Pauli! Rausgehen-Warmmachen-Weghauen
2005/2006 Absolute Wilson
2005 TRIP - Remix your experience
Director, Creative supervisor, Screenplay, Story, Music, Producer