Gesine Danckwart

Gesine Danckwart

Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*1969 Elmshorn


Gesine Danckwart, born 1969 in Elmshorn, studied drama and set up a venue for fringe theatre in the Berlin borough Moabit after her graduation. In 1999, she made her breakthrough as a playwright with the play "Girlsnightout". Since then, Danckwart has published numerous texts and highly praised plays. Some of her plays have won multiple awards and her plays have been translated in altogether 15 languages. In 2009, Danckwart made her debut as a screenplay writer and movie director with the film essay "Umdein Leben" ("LifeTimeShort").


2008 Umdeinleben
Director, Screenplay, Producer