Guillaume Cailleau

Guillaume Cailleau

Regie, Regie-Assistenz, Drehbuch, Kamera, Produzent
*1978 Frankreich


Guillaume Cailleau was born in France in 1978 and is based in Berlin. His works range from 16 mm film and HD video to multimedia installations and performances. He is a member of the collective LaborBerlin, devoted to preserving and developing the creative possibilities of the celluloid film format and DIY processing, as well as Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts Ljubljana (Slovenia), an institution promoting and researching sound-based art forms. He also cooperates with several choreographers and performers, creating video for the stage. He is co-founder with Hanna Slak of the production house CaSk Films, mainly interested in high-quality experimental fictional and creative documentary cinema. His work has been shown worldwide in film festivals (including Berlin, New York, Rotterdam) and museums (Centre Pompidou in Paris, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto). His short films include: "Blitzkrieg" (2008), "Through" (2009, in co-direction with Benjamin Krieg), "H(i)J" (2009), "Austerity Measures" (2012, in co-direction with Ben Russell), and "LABORAT" (2014).

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2016/2017 Good Luck
2013/2014 LABORAT
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Visual effects
2013 Screens
2012 Berlin Telegram
Assistant director
2011 Austerity Measures
Director, Screenplay
2009 H(i)J
2007 Blitzkrieg
Director, Screenplay


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