Matthias Glasner

Matthias Glasner

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton, Musik, Sonstiges, Produzent
*20.01.1965 Hamburg


Born in Hamburg on January 20, 1965, Matthias Glasner used to work at the Hamburg State Opera and as a film projectionist. He has lived abroad in Russia and Texas. In 1983, he started making films with Birgit Staudt, including "Schicksal und Zufall" (1990). Whilst also working as a musician in the band "homesweethome", Glasner founded the Jack Film & Musikproduktion company in 1993. In 1994/95, he directed "Die Mediocren", a movie depicting the complicated love-lives of two women and two men. He followed this work with "Sexy Sadie" (1996), his first collaboration with his friend Jürgen Vogel (with whom he had founded the film production company Schwarzweiss Filmproduktion). In "Sexy Sadie", Jürgen Vogel played a serial killer who escapes from prison after a doctor tells him that he only has a few more days to live.

In the following years, Glasner directed several TV crime thrillers, including an episode for the German series "Schimanski" (2000). His next work for cinema was the gangster-themed drama "Fandango" (2000), starring Nicolette Krebitz and Moritz Bleibtreu. After directing a couple of more TV movies as well as an episode for the compilation movie "99 Euro Films" (2001), Glasner returned to the big screen in 2006. "Der freie Wille" ("The Free Will"), a provocative drama about a rapist who tries in vain to lead a normal life, won him the Prize of the Guild of German Arthouse Cinemas at the Berlinale 2006. As leading actor, author and producer, Jürgen Vogel was awarded the Silver Bear for Artistic Contribution.

In 2007, Glasner directed three episodes of the acclaimed yet short-lived TV series "KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst" and also helmed the TV thriller "Eine gute Mutter" starring Barbara Auer and Justus von Dohnányi.

His next cinema release "This is Love" (2009) again caused a controversy: The film centers around a paedophile who tries to suppress the dangerous urges while his best friend (Jürgen Vogel) freely gives in to them.

Following the mystery thriller "Die Stunde des Wolfes", featuring Silke Bodenbender and Jürgen Vogel as a couple investigating a dark family secret which affects a whole village, Glasner directed his seventh feature film: "Gnade", again starring Jürgen Vogel, is the the story of a couple whose tarnished relationship changes surprisingly for the better after the woman (Birgit Minichmayer) runs over a girl. The film premiered in the competition of the 2012 Berlin IFF.


2016/2017 Landgericht - Geschichte einer Familie
2014/2015 Blochin
Director, Screenplay
2012/2013 Tore tanzt
2011/2012 Die Ballade von Cenk und Valerie
Director, Screenplay
2011/2012 Gnade
Director, Producer
2011 Die Stunde des Wolfes
Director, Screenplay
2009/2010 Die kommenden Tage
2008/2009 This is Love
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Producer
2008/2009 Still
2006/2007 Eine gute Mutter
Cast, Director
2005 Mathilde liebt
2004-2006 Der freie Wille
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Producer
2003/2004 Blond: Eva Blond! - Wie das Leben so spielt
2003 Pech und Schwefel
Sound design
2003 Die fremde Frau
2003 Cover
2002 Flashback
2001-2005 Kismet - Würfel Dein Leben
2001 Die Selbsttötung der Sara W.
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Director of photography
2001 99euro-films
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Director of photography
2001 Mein Beitrag zur deutschen Leitkultur - Deutschland braucht Hilfe!
Director, Screenplay
2000 Schimanski muß leiden
1998-2000 Fandango
Director, Screenplay
1995/1996 Sexy Sadie
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Producer
1994/1995 Die Mediocren
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1994/1995 Regen in New York
1990 Schicksal und Zufall
Director, Co-Producer
1987 Requiem
Director, Screenplay, Editing