Philip Scheffner

Philip Scheffner

Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton, Musik, Produzent
*28.05.1966 Homburg (Saarland)


Philip Scheffner was born in Homburg/Saar on 28 May 1966 and lives in Berlin since 1986. From 1991 to 1999 he was a member of the Berlin writers group and production company "dogfilm". 2001 he founded the media platform and production company "pong" with Merle Kröger and worked since then with experimental music/art of sound. 2007 he made his first long film "The Halfmoon Files", the experimental research on the phonographic recordings of an indian prisoner of war of 1916.

His documentary "Der Tag des Spatzen" premiered in the Forum section of the 2010 IFF Berlin: the film juxtaposes ornithological observations with footage of war scenarios and army training terrains – places which have become breeding grounds for birds. "Revision", Scheffner's next film, premiered at the 2012 IFF Berlin: the documentary investigates the court case following the death of two men who were shot near the Polish-German boarder in 1992. The film was released in Germany on September 2012.

At the Filmfest München, "Revision" garnered him the Fritz Gerlich Preis and at the Wiesbaden film festival goEast it won the documentary film award. In September 2012, the film opened in German movie theaters. The next year saw "Revision" win another award: at the festival Film+ the jury chose Scheffner for Best Editing. 4 years later, the Berlin IFF 2016 selected two Scheffner documentaries to premiere in the Forum section: "And-Ek Ghes…" (2016) portrayed a Roma family moving from Romania to Berlin.

For the experimental documentary "Havarie" (2016) he took a three-minute YouTube video that was shot by passengers on a cruise who filmed a boat of refugees on the open sea and stretched it to a 90 minute film. The film which was created and which premiered at the height of the so-called "refugee crisis" caused a stir at the Berlin IFF and was very well received by critics, winning the ARTE-Dokumentarfilmpreis at Duisburger Filmwoche 2016 for example. In January 2017, "Havarie" had its regular start in German theaters.


2015/2016 And-Ek Ghes...
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Editing
2015/2016 Havarie
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound design
2015 Schicht
2014-2016 Ein Haus in Ninh Hoa
Script editor, Producer
2012/2013 Drama Consult
Music, Producer
2011/2012 Revision
Director, Screenplay, Editing
2009/2010 Der Tag des Spatzen
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound design
2008 Peace Mission
Music, Producer
2006/2007 The Halfmoon Files
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Editing, Sound, Producer
1994 Soap