Rötger Feldmann

Rötger Feldmann

Additional Names: Brösel (Weiterer Name)
Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Bauten
*17.03.1950 Travemünde


Rötger Werner Friedrich Wilhelm Feldmann, known as "Brösel", was born in Travemünde on March 17 1950. Following his school graduation, he worked as a lithographer in Flensburg, but his employment didn"t last long since he preferred to draw comics and cartoons on the job – including explicit caricatures of his then boss. Consequently, Feldmann lived on unemployment aid and tweaked motorcycles in his work shop. On numerous nights out in bars, "Brösel", as he was called by his friends, began scripting jokes and wordplays on coasters and napkins.

At the end of the 1970s he created the comic "Werner" about the eponymous plumber"s apprentice who is crazy for motorbikes. The inspiration came from Feldmann"s own encounters with the police and DMW, who often objected to his highly tuned and thus deemed illegal bikes. In 1978, the first "Werner" strips were published in local papers, and soon the comic had a nationwide following. From 1981 on, Feldmann – using the pseudonym "Brösel" – offered book editions of "Werner" through his own publishing house "Semmel Verlach". The success was astounding, and Werner soon became the most popular German comic character.

In 1991, Feldmann and partner Jens Nieswand founded the Achterbahn publishing house, which was the home of "Werner " comics until 2003. From then on, "Werner" was published by Egmont Ehapa Verlag, Stuttgart. The first screen adaptation "Werner – Beinhart!" was released in 1990, and was up to now followed by four sequels: "Werner – Das muß kesseln!!!" (1996), "Werner – Volles Rooäää!!!" (1999), "Werner – Gekotzt wird später!" (2003) and "Werner – Eiskalt" (2011). Feldmann worked on all "Werner" movies, and also appeared as himself in the non-animated scenes.


2009-2011 Werner - Eiskalt!
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Set design
2003 Werner - Gekotzt wird später!
Voice, Screenplay, Set design
1998/1999 Werner - Volles Rooäää!!!
Voice, Screenplay, based on
1995/1996 Werner - das muß kesseln!!!
Screenplay, based on
1989/1990 Werner - Beinhart!