Sören Voigt

Sören Voigt

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Produzent
*1968 Pinneberg


Sören Voigt was born 1968 in Schleswig-Holstein. He studied Film Directing in Lodz/Poland and at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin, where he graduated with his first feature film "Perfect Sight" ("Tolle Lage") in 2000. In 2001, he founded the production company Living Films with Gergana Voigt. His other films include: the shorts "Southern Star" (1995) and "The Supper" ("sometimes I wish...") (1996), the documentary "Bread "n" Butter" (1997), "Calls" (short, 2002), and the feature "Identity Kills" (2003), and "Implosion" (2011).

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


2010/2011 Implosion
Director, Screenplay, Co-Producer
2002 Calls
Director, Producer
2001-2003 Identity Kills
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1999/2000 Tolle Lage
Director, Screenplay
1998 Dunckel
1996 Abendbrot
Director, Screenplay
1995 Südstern
Director, Screenplay
1993 Passagier
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography


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