Sven Regener

Sven Regener

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Musik, Produzent
*01.01.1961 Bremen


Sven Regener was born in Bremen on January 1, 1961. As a child, he already took extensive lessons in classical and electric guitar, trumpet and piano. In 1982, he recorded his first album as member of the band Zatopek. As a student of musicology, he quit university before graduation in order to pursue his music career. In 1985 he founded the band "Element of Crime", becoming the main lyricist and singer, as well as playing guitar and trumpet. The band took its name from the eponymous film by Lars von Trier. Over the years, "Element of Crime" released more than a dozen studio and live albums, some of which enjoyed significant chart success.

In 2001, Regener published his first novel "Herr Lehmann", which describes the months before the eventual fall of the Berlin wall from the viewpoint of a bartender living in the Kreuzberg district. With over one million copies sold, the book turned out to be a bestseller. Regener himself wrote the screenplay for Leander Haußmann's adaptation, and subsequently won the German Film Award as well as the Deutsche Drehbuchpreis.

2004 saw the publication of his second novel "Neue Vahr Süd", a prequel to "Herr Lehmann" which depicts the protagonist's life during his mandatory military service. Four years later, the "Lehmann-Trilogy" was completed with the final book "Der kleine Bruder", which provides the narrative link between the previous books. The successful TV adaptation of "Neue Vahr Süd" was directed by Hermine Huntgeburth and aired in 2010. In 2011, Regener published "Meine Jahre mit Hamburg-Heiner", a collection of writings from his internet blog. Over the years, Regener and "Element of Crime" have also provided original music for several films, including "Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe" (2008) and "Whores' Glory" (2011).

As a musician and composer, Regener has been an outspoken supporter of copyright laws and has argued against the infringement of publishing rights by platforms like youtube and in the digital realm in general.

In 2012, Regener and Leander Haußmann co-directed the comedy "Hai-Alarm am Müggelsee", which was released in March 2013.

Also in 2013, Regener published the novel "Magical Mystery oder: Die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt"; in 2015, he co-authored the book "Ärger mit der Unsterblichkeit" together with Andreas Dorau. It consists of biographical stories taken from Dorau's life. In 2016, Sven Regener was awarded the Carl Zuckmayer Medal and the German Music Authors' Prize. Moreover, he was appointed to the Brüder-Grimm professorship at Kassel University. The same year, principal photography of "Magical Mystery oder: Die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt" began, for which he also adapted the screenplay.


2016/2017 Magical Mystery
Screenplay, based on
2013/2014 alles inklusive
2013 Kinderparadies
2012/2013 Hai-Alarm am Müggelsee
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Music, Co-Producer
2011/2012 Die Vermessung der Welt
2010 Neue Vahr Süd
based on
2007 Wenn einer von uns stirbt, geh ich nach Paris
2002/2003 Herr Lehmann
1993-1995 Freispiel


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