Yilmaz Arslan

Yilmaz Arslan

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*20.04.1968 Kazanli, Türkei


Yilmaz Arslan was born in Kazanli/Turkey in 1968 and came to West Germany in 1975. He founded the theater group "Summer-Winter" in 1988 and completed his secondary school education in 1991. His 1992 directorial debut, "Passages", was named Best First Film at the San Sebastian and received a Silver Rose Prize in Bergamo and a nomination to the German Film Awards in 1993. His other films include "Yara", which premiered at Venice in 1998, and "Angst isst Seele auf" (2002), which premiered at Venice in 2002.

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2004/2005 Fratricide - Brudermord
Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
2002 Angst isst Seele auf
Drehbuch, Produzent
1998 Yara
Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
1992 Langer Gang
Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch


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